Monday, 22 October 2012

All In One SEO Pack Plugin For Blogger

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Yes, You Have Heard It Right, Not For WordPress But For Blogger. But The Real Name Is “SEO Blogger”.
First Main Thing, It Requires Old Interference Of Blog...
It does everything automagically. Behind the scenes, it loads the XML template. Searches for previously written meta tags and puts it in the input fields. When you change it, the changes are incorporated in the template and submitted.

This Works On Firefox And Google Chrome.
Google Chrome Has GreaseMonkey Installed By Default In 4.0 And Up Version.
1) Download Greasemonkey Addon If You Haven’t It On Firefox. Restart you browser.
2) Click on This Installation Link. And It Will Install The Script.
This Will Basically Takes Care Of Everything. It’s Almost Similar To The WordPress.
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
Note: -

Your Meta Tag Data Will Be Stored In Your Template. When You Change The Template, You’ll Lose That All. So, Before Changing The Template, Copy All The Tags. It Will Be Similar To:

And Paste It In The New Template Just Before </head> Tag.
Some People Think That Too Many Meta Tag Will Create A Heavy Template But It Does Not Because The Meta Tag Remain Loaded For A Few Time. Your Blog Will Remain Speedy...
If You Don't Want This Just Copy Paste The Above Italic Code For Every New Post Of Your Blog And Paste It Before </head>

This Is No More In Action Now Due To Remove The Old Interference By Blogger...

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